Ilsoo Kyung was born in Korea and immmigrated to Canada in 1967. She began to paint in 1998, and after retiriing from her nursing career in 2002 she continued her studies at Fine Arts at the University of British Columbia, graduating in 2006 with a batchelor's Degree in Art History, Visual Art and Theroy, as well as an art teacher's diploma.

Many of her works are included in private collections in Korea, Australia, the United States and Canada.

Ilsoo is a multi-media artist and she has been involved in numerous solo and group exhibitions, her work involves personal identity and expression, as well as themes within the context of Korea, and Canada.

In recent work she has been addressing the question of cultural identity and in this process a new synthesis is emerging in her own individual disciplines. Which include painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, video, photography, digital imagery, performing art and installation works.

Ilsoo's works are grounded in the natural world, but looks beyond the scenic to search for symbols and meaning in all that she encounters. Her style is representational, with special attention to colour, texture and form.

Ilsoo has been featured in a number of media including Senior Living Magazine, Chek-TV and YouTube.