Artist's Statement:

I am a multimedia artist. My works involve identity and expression, and themes within the context of Canada. My works are interpretations of what I see and a way to share my ideas of our transitory world. My visual compositions challenge the viewer to reengage with their surroundings, and in each I try to address a specific statement.

 I try to visualize natural phenomena, the known and unknown aspects of the world around me. In today's world, we are showered with social, political, and critical issues that affect the way we see and process this information. I create hidden meanings and reconfigure these situations into a new synthesis of original ideas.

I create the emotional content of the artworks simply by exaggeration or an extension of an existing part or parts of compositions, I attempt to impart a moment in time that depicts elements of past, present, and future. Although they result in images of places or things, my art works have more to do with the way I personally interpret what I see using the language at shape and addressing environmental issues in the photographic medium through the tension between beauty, waste, and contaminations.

My work is grounded in the world of natural beauty, but looks beyond the scenic to serach for symbols and meaning in all that I encounter. My style is representational, with special attention to detail, structure and form. Visual appeal is an important aspect of my work; I want my visual tactile, heart-felt creation to open the door to various potential meanings for the viewer in such a way that their emotions can be stirred.